The Basics Of Learning How To Read Tarot Cards Free

tarot card readings If you are interested in how to read tarot cards free, you may be curious how you can incorporate  your skills  into your own tarot card readings to provide insight into your life and the lives of friends and family members. There are many basic tenets of tarot card reading that you’ll need to know: the meanings of the cards, different spreads (the layouts of the cards you are reading), and how to give accurate interpretations of the cards when they are put together; but before you learn all that, there are a few initial factors you will need to consider. How to choose the deck that is right for you and how to protect your cards are two very important things to learn before you give tarot card readings.




Tarot Card Readings | Choosing the deck that is right for you 




If this is your first time learning to give tarot card readings, you will want to choose a deck that is fairly close to a traditional tarot deck. There are millions of different decks out there, some in different languages, others with beautiful modern artwork; however, the pictures on traditional decks are easier to recognize, which will be important when you are memorizing the meanings of the cards as associated with the pictures that come up. The sooner you can get familiar with the pictures their associations, the sooner you can give tarot card readings without needing to flip through a reference booklet.




Traditional decks also have more descriptive pictures for the Minor Arcana cards. These cards take up the most room in the deck and there are many different meanings that can go with each card. As these are the hardest to memorize, you will want to find a deck that does a little bit of hinting around the meaning of the Minor Arcana cards. Traditional decks are more likely to have something to associate with a two of cups rather than, well, just two cups.




Most importantly, you need to feel out a deck that is right for you. Your deck will call to you. A deck you are bonded with will give more accurate tarot card readings.




Tarot Card Readings | How to protect your tarot card deck




One of the most important things to remember when you are taking care of your cards is to keep them boxed or wrapped up in between tarot card readings. When you aren’t using them, your cards are open to other people’s energy. Keeping them wrapped or boxed in their own sacred space is the only thing that will truly protect them.




Some people will say that you should keep them wrapped in a black scarf made of pure silk. That is an old tradition, but many people keep their cards in a decorated bag or even just the box they came in and they were fine.




Don’t let other people use your cards. Your cards are filled with your energy and shouldn’t be shared. The only time another person should touch your cards is when you are giving them a tarot card reading and they shuffle and select the cards for their spread.




Last but not least, when you put your cards back after giving a tarot card reading, make sure they are all facing the correct direction. Cards should be in reverse because the universe called them to the tarot card reading that way, not because the reader was too lazy to put them back.




Read Tarot Cards | Learn to give Tarot Card Readings Yourself




Learning to read tarot cards is not as complicated as it appears. If you follow your own spirit when choosing the cards, as well as when you read them, you should be in good shape. 

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