Are Psychics Real?

Are Psychics Real?

are-psychics-realIs there a solid proof? How can I know for sure? Sound familiar? If you are anything like I used to be, these questions are amongst the most FREQUENTLY asked as you search for evidence to believe. About psychics’ reality, so many conundrums have been generated:

What’s the best way to get to the truth about psychic abilities? Do you ever see psychics on TV late at night and wonder about whether they’re really able to do what they seem to be doing? Could it be true? Can some of us really look into the future, speak to the spirits, read the tarot, and help others find their one true love? Or is it all just an elaborate con game?

Before you jump to any conclusions, keep in mind that many famous people throughout history have believed in psychic phenomena: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (a respected doctor most famous for being the author of the Sherlock Holmes mysteries) was a devout believer in psychics and in psychic phenomena, as was Albert Einstein (who is widely regarded as the most brilliant scientist of all time).

Sure, you say, there may have been some real psychics back in those days, but aren’t all these modern so-called psychics just guessing, or just really good at reading body language and reacting to non-verbal cues from people so they appear to be able to “see” things about that person that they couldn’t possibly know otherwise?

I think it’s pretty obvious that some modern psychics are just guessing (or are just that good at reading people), but I also believe there are plenty more who are for real. Bottom line is, no matter how many times we hear self-appointed “experts” try to explain away someone’s psychic ability as guesswork or luck or mass gullibility, there are actually plenty of serious scientific studies, conducted by serious scientists, that would seem to support the conclusion that psychic abilities are not only real, but that they may reveal more about us, how our brains work, and about the invisible connections between us all than anyone currently understands.

For instance, a recent article in “Psychology Today” talks in depth about a series of scientific studies conducted by Dr. Daryl Bem at Cornell University (studies which are about to be published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, one of the most prestigious psychology journals in the world) which describes pretty convincingly that not only do psychic abilities exist, they’re actually much more common than we’ve been led to believe.

That’s all well and good, but what’s the best way for you to discover the truth for yourself about whether psychic abilities are for real? Simple: go get a reading and see for yourself. You don’t have to take anybody else’s word for it (even the word of a Professor of Psychology at Cornell!) when proof — one way or the other — is only a phone call, or even a few clicks away.

Are psychics real? I am sure you now know what to do to get the accurate answer.