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Psychic questions answered freeThe word psychic comes from a Greek word psychikos which simply means of the mind or mental. From this, it can be said that a psychic is a person who claims, or is claimed by others, to have the ability to perceive information hidden to the normal eye or normal sense through the help of extrasensory perception, or in simple man language, through the help of extraordinary forces. It can also be used to describe the ability of the mind to move objects.
The word psychic is also used in the referral of stage magicians who use various tricks such as prestidigitation, cold reading as well as hot reading to deceive people that they have such powers. This is a perfect example that psychic abilities are being misused today as compared to the early days, where you would see signs reading “psychic questions answered free” meaning they offered their services at no charge unlike today where people are corned from there hard earned money by this ��psychics.’
So what are the abilities of psychics?
Psychics’ abilities or power can be classified as internal or external. Internal abilities are the powers that do not require any evidence of their usage, while external powers however require a psychic to physically influence the world. This is to mean that an object has to be moved or physically changed as evidence of their existing power.
Not all psychics are the same; the different types of psychics are differentiated by their different psychic abilities. These so called abilities are classified or categorized in the following manner;
• Channeling: this refers to the ability to communicate with non physical energies. These ��energies’ could be in the form of ��masters’, angels, guides or any other world beings. Psychics’ who claim to have powers of channeling are used by ordinary people to communicate to the dead on behalf of their client.
• Empathy: empathy is the ability to sense, feel, and residual other people emotions. For untrained empaths the emotions might feel like their own which is has proved to be very confusing and being in public places very stressful. For people with such problems the shielding exercise is highly recommended.
• Far see or precognition; far see refers to the ability of a person to see in the future. Such people in the past were referred to as prophets. Psychics with such as an ability help people by telling them what will be fold them in their future(s).
• Medium: medium is the ability to communicate with the dead or deceased, psychics of this ability relay the message they are getting from the deceased to the living.
• Telepathy. This ability is on the increase as many people are claiming to have the ability to hear people’s thoughts as ideas; it is also commonly known as mind reading.
• Retro cognition or post cognition: this psychic ability is mostly used in crime seen investigation as it the power or ability of a person to see view past events. Retro cognition is closely associated with Psychometry, or object reading, which involves the reading of the past of an object. No tingly retro cognition may also include some aspects of empathy by picking up strum emotion of the person who held a particular object last.
• Telekinesis or psycho kinesis: this ability or power involves the movement of objects by will or by using your mind. The things to be moved can be atoms, paper clips, or even cars ion some extreme cases. Psycho kinesis can be father classified as
1. Pyrokinesis: which simply mean the setting of fire by the use of ones mind. This is extremely hard to do and is rare in many cases.
2. Cyrokinesis: this is the exact opposite of pyrokinesis. It involves to the freezing of objects by the use of our minds.
3. Filgurkinesis: this is the ability for one to manufacture or create electrical discharges ,and lightening bolts it also used in the referral of the ability to control the flow of electrons in a machine
4. Bio pyschokinesis: This refers to the ability of a person to control living tissue in the cellular or molecular level.
• Teleportation.
This ability or power is also known as apportation. It is the power of a psychic to move or transport objects from point or location A to location B. he can either call the object in question to himself of physically touch them in order to send them to another place.
How do psychics impact the society?
Psychics have a huge impact to the community. They impact the community either in a positive manner or a negative manner. Psychics impact the society positively in the following way;
1. Reducing the society crime rate. This is largely true when psychics with the gift of post cognition use there powers to help the police in finding and jailing of people who break the law.
2. Reduce illness. This falls to psychics who have the power to heal illness, if they use this power to cure people of their illness the society could be a much happier place.
3. Some psychics with power of precognition might use there power to warn people of a calamity that night be fall them.
Psychics influence the society negatively n the following way
1. When they start to extort people of their money in exchange or their services. Psychics of today are to often the time greedy and demand for compensation for there services it is no surprise that signs like “psychic questions answered free” or psychics who offer free consultations seized to exist along time ago.
The behavioral change in this society has seen even genuine psychics to be viewed as common men and women. If psychics can brush aside their greed and offer free and honest services it would go a long way in getting them to be appreciated.

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