Psychic Healing Has Its Advantages

psychic healingNatural laws govern a genuine healing process; be it through medicines, surgery, drugs, massage or psychic powers. Healing has always been perceived as a divine process from the ancient past; ‘all natural laws are of “divine” religion, and are worthy of respect and reverence.’ However, any form of healing process becomes a success when the patient is a willing subject. Similarly, psychic healing works best on the one who goes through the process with a positive attitude of acceptance; the healer is as sincere in giving as the sick is in wholly accepting the gift.


True Psychic Healing

Psychic healing goes hand in hand with a faithful following of the natural laws of living which include “nutrition, elimination, breathing, etc.” Eating healthy and at proper times, leading a healthy and hygienic lifestyle; standing, walking, sitting, sleeping, working in the correct posture thus enabling the correct method of breathing keeps a person healthy. When there is a constant and uninterrupted flow of oxygen and oxygenated blood throughout the body, the person is in good health. The same rule applies on a sick person – he or she must adhere to the very natural laws of living to regain health and good spirits.

This particular type of healing with psychic powers has three forms – Pranic Healing, Mental Healing and Spiritual Healing. The first involves sending the Prana or a Vital Force to the affected part by the Healer; the second is controlling of the mind, either of the patient or the Healer to will the healing process of the afflicted part of the body and the third is genuinely practiced by a superior Healer who can elevate the sick person to a higher level through his mind and heal. Nevertheless, all the three forms of healing are actually through the mind, so basically these are mental healing.


The powers of positive thinking activate Psychic Healing

The mind plays an important role in every aspect of your life – it can determine your likes and dislikes, which automatically gives you options to choose from a wide spectrum of choices. The mind also governs your faith and belief; healing with psychic powers has been done in the past based on this mental belief. For instance, the New Testament mentions how St. Patrick and St. Bernard healed the blind, deaf, and lame by just touching the affected part of the patient. They were superior souls, no doubt, but the sick accepted the treatment with complete faith and belief. Therefore, the mind of the patients was in complete accordance with whatever was being granted which helped the healing process be a success. Similarly, emperors and kings of the golden past on whom the subjects had complete faith could heal diseases, lameness, and blindness in the same manner.

The aim of psychic healing is to bring about a balance in the energy flowing through the body, thus healing the sick part and bringing it back to normal. The energy flows through the various cells which are living organisms with a mind of their own. This healing process helps to influence those cells to come back to order and health. The modern worlds of science and medicine have applied this principle to speed up the healing process with the help of magnetic therapy. They have accepted the eastern philosophy of the natural flow of energy which comes from the main source of energy and governs every action and inaction. Any obstruction to this natural flow of energy causes illness, disease and wearing out, including aging process.

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