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new age Psychic readingsNew Age Shop Free Psychic Readings – A Couple of Things to be Aware of

New age is a term that loosely gathers together a range of different beliefs and movements under one umbrella. It started around the end of the 20th century and draws from a range of different belief systems, such as from Eastern philosophy along with references to older, more ancient beliefs from Western pasts. New age shops offer a wide range of services. Your local store might even offer new age shop free psychic readings that you can take advantage of. As great as that sounds, there are a few things that you might want to be a little wary of before you get your reading.

The first is simply by the design of the new age movement. Because there’s no simple set of beliefs, every store you enter and any “new age” person that you speak to is going to have a different set of beliefs. In some ways it’s a bit of a pick and choose belief system with just a few common elements tying it all together. This isn’t necessarily as bad thing. In some ways it’s actually a really good thing as it means you get access to a wide range of beliefs which influence yours as you mature and grow as a person. It can also be fun to speak to people with a different perspective to your own.

What this does mean however is that people might give you advice and readings that are different to the beliefs that you hold. Remember that even psychics (who are supposed to be impartial) are sometimes going to color their opinions and their responses to your questions with their own belief system. This will happen even at a subconscious level i.e, they may not even be aware of it happening themselves. Their own beliefs will slip into answers they give you, in the translation that they’re getting from the psychic world. For example if the new age shop specializes in crystals, references to crystal healing might slip in if the person giving the reading is comfortable with that area of speciality.

Now we’re not saying that that’s a bad thing. But it is something to bear in mind when getting a free psychic readings from a new age shop. It might pay to look around for someone that shares similar beliefs to yours. This means that the information they give you will make the most sense when you get your reading done. It means that you won’t have to learn more vocabulary, and you’ll probably feel more comfortable too. That being said, you might also want to ask around to find out the best shop that offers the best advice regardless of beliefs.

The other thing to bear in mind is that many “psychics” in new age shops aren’t actually, well, very good at being psychic. They are sometimes just people who have trained themselves over the years to get good at blending their knowledge and intuition into something sounds vaguely psychic but actually isn’t. You can always tell if someone is genuinely psychic by the quality of the information that they give you. This can be hard to tell, we admit. But a general rule of thumb is that if the psychic isn’t providing you with information that’s specific to your situation (and by specific, we mean specific) then they aren’t fully psychic. This doesn’t mean that the information is useless—by all means if the information is helpful and resonates with you then take what you can from it.

But someone who is really switched on will be able to tell you things about your situation that go far beyond what you might otherwise think was possible. If a psychic is telling you to avoid people with blonde hair, then that’s not really all that specific, and is actually pretty vague. The Universe is there to help, and psychics are just people communicating that message. Remember that the information that the Universe wants to give you is specific to your situation and will make sense to you. The Universe simply isn’t going to bother just telling you to avoid people with blonde hair—there’s no point to that.

One great aspect of new age shop free psychic readings is that they do have a wide range of knowledge that often covers more then just psychic stuff. They might be able to help you out with crystal healing, with astrology and star signs. They are often quite self empowering, teaching you skills such as Tarot and I Ching. This can help you to tap into your own psychic ability and let you make decisions that resonate within you. Some may specialise in angels, spiritual artwork and more. And they probably have a great bookshop for those of you who like to read!

If you can get a free psychic reading from a new age shop then you should definitely go for it. Just remember a few things first. New age is a wide and varied landscape of beliefs. Not all the new age practitioners will believe the same things you do. While this can be great as it exposes you to interesting ideas, be aware that anyone offering you a psychic reading will have their information influenced by what they themselves believe to be true. It will seep through their translation.

Also remember that sometimes people working in new age stores aren’t actually all that psychic, and some may simply be working from a storehouse of knowledge and intuition. While this information could still be valuable it’s important that you understand the differences between real a real psychic and those who aren’t quite as real. Remember that the Universe wants to give you the most accurate information that it can, so anything vague is a potential warning sign that things are a bit off. It can be tempting to think that the Universe will only offer vague hints about your life and future (for “learning” purposes), but the truth is different. The Universe will be as clear as possible, and through a real psychic you can get some startling answers.

So bear all that in mind, and have a great new age shop psychic reading!

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