Get Your Free Aura Reading and Discover Auric Bodies

aura readingEveryone and everything has an aura. You, your partner, your family, the person who bags your groceries, your pet, your pot plant. An aura is simply a pattern of energy that surrounds each and every living thing on this planet. It is the invisible energy that contains our hopes and dreams, how truthful you are, your gifts, your health and so much more. Basically it’s a map of the soul (if you want to call it that). An aura reading is simply a way of accessing that information and interpreting it. Everyone can learn to read auras, although having an aura reading done with a professional can be a great experience if you’re still learning.

Firstly, we would like to clear up some misconceptions about what an aura is. Most people when they think of auras think of the bright and colorful dancing shapes that surround people. We’ve all seen those photographs before, either captured with a special camera or added in with software based on a reader’s intuition. For many aura readers, that’s what they will see. Pretty colors which light up the space around each and every one of us. Some people might not see the aura as colors though, they might read it like energy or get an intuitive sense about the way things are.

If you think about it, all energy work is just working with this main energy field. All energy healing, all reading of chakras, all of this stuff is just interacting with this invisible energy field that surrounds a person. But since most people think of the colors when they think of “aura” that’s what we’ll focus on.

Your aura is a bit like a map to yourself. It consists of several different “bodies” which can be read like tree rings. Each of these layers will tell a different story. A skilled reader can differentiate between each of these layers and tell you what they mean as each of the layers can have a different color or vibration and will tell its own story.

For most people the aura will extend about 3 feet in all directions around you. This is one reason why it can be uncomfortable sitting too close to certain people. Has someone ever leant close and you felt something negative? That is your aura interacting with their aura. Some people feel this more strongly than others and it will depend on the two auras. Some people are very bad at protecting their own auras and will soak up a lot of the negative energy around them. If you feel like that you’re a perfect person to get an aura reading. This will help to provide you with options when you’re taking on too much energy from other people.

One of the different types of aura bodies you have is your physical aura. This is closely related to how you are doing on a physical level. Diseases and other issues with your human form will show up on this aura. Each reader will see a disturbance in a different way, although all will be able to spot it. Sometimes it’s even possible to diagnose problems before you’re even aware of them.

The etheric body is highly related to self love and self acceptance. Problems on this level include lack of self esteem, addictions, negative thought patterns and other negative emotions relating to the self. The vital auric body deals with the mind and how clearly you can think. People in thinking professions typically have very strong vital auric bodies.

Your astral body deals with the way you communicate with your family and your friends. It’s about your connection with other souls and other people on this planet. If you have a problem here it can imply that you don’t connect as well as you could with other people. Your lower auric body deals with the matters of truth and divine will. How strong this energy is will determine how well you make decisions and move your way through life on a conscious level.

The higher auric body is your connection to the greatest forms of spiritual love and acceptance. This is the body that connects outwards into the world and lets beauty and serenity into your life. It’s closely connected to your emotional state.

Finally, the spiritual body is your connection to the divine, the light and the Universal self. Having a strong spiritual body will connect you to the greater power and allow you to perceive the patterns of the Universe and of life itself.

Obviously everyone will have strengths and weaknesses in each of these areas. What’s also important to remember is that there is no “best” auric body. It can be tempting to look at that list of things and think to yourself how nice it would be to have a super strong spiritual body and that would solve everything. While that might help what’s really needed is a strong sense of balance in each of these energy fields. How are you going to perceive the divine guidance of life if you can’t manage your physical body?

An aura reading will help you to understand where the strengths and weaknesses of each of these auric bodies. Each reader will look at things in a different way, some may use the auric body metaphor, others may just use their intuition which guides them to the most important part of the energy pattern.

Aura readings can be done in person or over the internet. Typically a photograph will need to be sent over, or you can use a webcam to talk to the reader live. If you want to try reading your own aura try this short experiment. Find a blank piece of printer paper. Place your hand on it. Relax your eye muscles and focus just on the edge of your hand. The longer you stare at your hand, the more the obvious the effect will be. Do you notice an energetic vibration just beyond the ends of your hand?

While it can take a while to learn how to read your own aura, with practice you will get better and perhaps even start to see some colors. In the meantime, it’s worth having a look at getting an aura reading done so that you can learn all you can about your aura and your energy field.

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