Finding The Best Free Phone Psychics

phone psychicsYou might think that phone psychics are just a scam to take your money and you will get no real worthwhile psychic advice. Granted some phone psychics are scam artists but there are several ways to sort out the real best  phone Psychics  from the scammers.


How to verify free phone psychics


First and foremost, remember that you are seeking a psychic’s assistance for you. Your money, your love life, your career, or whatever you are looking for help with are the most important thing.

 You are not looking to improve a psychics’ reputation or to increase their income.

True phone psychics are usually certified by the American Association of Professional Psychics. Certification can include tarot, divination, and a host of psychic specialties.


The best phone psychics have a good reputation and a loyal clientele. You can easily check this out with internet reviews of a particular psychic. While people can be hired to write a few good reviews it is not reasonable to think that several hundred people are going to say great things about a bad psychic’s abilities.

 The best phone psychics usually have their own personal web site and social networking pages. You should check out these sites before investing a lot of time and money in any psychic.


Once you have verified the best phone psychics credentials you should test their ability. Ask a phone psychic a few questions or a single question that only you know the answer to.


Phone psychics will need some information from you and date of birth, age, and other general information is perfectly acceptable. If the psychic asks too many personal questions or you tell them too much about a specific situation you need help with you are giving a potential scammer all the information they need to use you for an income.


True psychics will be able to produce an answer to your first simple queries without a world of background information. Watch out for phone psychics that are too interested in your credit card number. That is usually a tip that a psychic is interested in money only.


A true interest in you and taking as much time with you as you need is a dead giveaway that you have found professional credible psychic.


Why Free phone psychics are better than personal psychics


Phone psychics can be a more verifiable source of direction and assistance with any part of your life than a psychic you see in person because the phone psychics do not get cues from your facial expression and body language.


Everyone reads people to a certain extent from their facial expressions and body language. This is not a divine gift. Reading body language is a skill that can be learned and is taught by most sales training organizations.


Phone psychics cannot see you so they do not get any hints about how you feel or what you may be thinking from any visual clues. This single advantage to you is probably the best verification of a phone psychics ability. 

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