Tarot and Astrology Card Readings For Divination Purposes

Tarot and AstrologyWhen people are given the details in their tarot card readings, they often compare the findings to their astrological chart to see what they have in common. Tarot cards are often matched up with astrology for a deeper reading. This makes many believers of tarot card readings wonder what exactly is the difference between tarot and astrology?


Tarot and Astrology the Direct Approach


Astrology gives you a look up above into the worlds of the stars and how they influence our daily lives on an individual level and in the universe as a whole. Astrology can tell us specifics about our personalities- what makes us the way we are and how we can expect to treat others in our lives as well as how we can expect others to treat us. Astrology is very clear. It is extremely direct about what is wanted for us on behalf of the universe.


Astrology and Tarot can be used in Conjunction with one Another.


Tarot is more obscure. Tarot card readings allow us to look between the lines of the plan the universe has for us as individuals and lets us draw a little bit of freedom to be ourselves and allows us to take a bit of control back.


Astrology allows you to look at life through a wide lens if you are seeking information about a current situation that you are extremely involved in. Tarot card readings allow you to see more than one facet of life at any given time in all of it’s magnificence and depth (or darkness and shallowness) in a situation you may not know a lot about.




In order to make astrology work for you, it is necessary to know many intricate details about the situations or people involved. Tarot card readings will give you the information you have no way of acquiring elsewhere. If you are stuck in a less than prime situation and need details of how to get out and where to turn, tarot would suit you very well. If you want to know why the situation is occurring in the first place, astrology can tell you why the planets in specific signs at a certain degree can make it all happen in the first place.




Tarot card readings are great tools for understanding more complicated information about a given situation you are immersed in already, or if you want to know the answers to things that have not even started to occur yet. If you do the tarot card readings yourself, you may consider the information more reliable than you would if you read a horoscope in a newspaper.


Astrology mixed with the Power Of  Tarot Readings


The same could be said if you were receiving a reading from an outside source because your personal energy is being transmitted through the cards. Astrology is reliable with your personal birth date and exact time of birth, but tarot card readings are a more in depth option for answers to your divination questions.

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