7 Ways to Get Better Free Mini Psychic Readings

free psychic mini readingsSometimes you don’t have the finances or the time to get a full psychic reading. Perhaps it’s actually something simpler, such as a decision you need to make quickly, and it’s been eating up your insides. In these situations it can be worth looking at free mini psychic readings. These are readings that are typically quite short, usually only answer one or two questions, and are often done over the internet via a chat room or email. Here are some tips to getting a great experience from your mini reading.


1. Look Everywhere

Plenty of people offer free mini psychic readings online. Google is usually a pretty good place to start looking, and there are a number of other services that bring together psychics into one place. There’s no need to restrict your search to only free psychics either. Most of these mini free reading might actually be called “samples” or something else. Just be aware that if you are looking for an entirely free reading, ensure that there’s no cut off point when you start being charged. This is typically easier to monitor with an email exchange, although you can always set a timer if you’re getting a reading via the phone or Skype. Remember to check the fine print!


2. Be Succinct With Your Question

A lot of people like to go into detail with their questions. My boyfriend did this, now he’s done that, I’ve changed careers, I’m thinking of moving cities, where should I live? It’s ok to provide background detail, but don’t go overboard. Keep it within the context of the question you want to ask. There’s no need to tell the psychic about your chaotic love life if you only want to know about your finances.


YES, your chaotic love life might influence your finances, and you may be aware of that connection. But remember that the Universe will see the links even more clearly than you can, so don’t feel the need to go into too much detail.


Also remember that if you’re on a strictly limited 2-3 minutes with a phone psychic that you will be eating up valuable time.


3. Take Notes

This is only really relevant if you’re getting your free mini psychic reading via the phone or video chat. Sometimes you will find that the psychic will package up an audio recording for you, other times they won’t. Therefore it’s very useful to take notes. Otherwise you’re likely to forget things the psychic has told you, and that would be a waste of a free reading! If you’re getting a reading done via email you obviously won’t have this problem. Of course, the disadvantage to an email reading is that you can’t ask the psychic to clarify anything they send you. Just something to keep in mind.


4. Be Relaxed For Your Session

It’s tempting to think of a mini reading as just a bit of fun or something like that. If you are treating it like a bit of fun then perhaps you don’t want to get too deep and meaningful about it. But if you’re looking for a genuine answer, it can be worth taking a few minutes to breathe out, center yourself, and generally let your mind settle. When getting live readings from a psychic, this is essential. Doing so will enable them to read your energy with far greater ease than if you were going into a session with your brain on full speed ahead.


This isn’t as applicable if you’re getting an email reading, but it can still be worth doing when you type out your question. You may not realize it, but a skilled psychic will pick up on your tone when you write the question. It will allow them to have a deeper connection with your energy when they give you their answer.


5. Don’t Expect Everything To Change

This is a free mini psychic reading, there’s no getting around that. There’s probably not going to be any earth shattering news in it for you. It does depend on the question that you ask, but just keep in the back of your mind that any answer you get might be flawed, faulty, or missing vital details that a mini reading will not give you. You can still listen to the answer—and of course you should! But just remember to trust your intuition with the answer. If it resonates well within, you can probably trust the answer you’ve been given.


6. Get More Than One Reading

There are heaps of people out there wanting to give you free psychic readings. They are literally all over the internet. If you have the opportunity to get more than one reading, why wouldn’t you? This way you can also test the validity of the information they’re giving you. Asking the same short question to multiple psychics would be a brilliant way of checking if the answers you get are what the Universe is telling you. Some people might feel that this is unethical, and perhaps it might be. But if they are offering you free readings, why wouldn’t you take them? Who knows, you might like one of the psychics enough in order to engage their skills at a professional level, and pay for one of their readings.


7. Remember Psychics Can’t Change Your Life

Some people go to a psychic with the expectation that everything’s going to change once they get a reading. Unfortunately, things don’t work that way. Going to a psychic is not like asking a man who switches train tracks to change them for you. It’s more like ringing up the dispatcher and asking which are the best tracks to take you to your destination. You still have to change the switches yourself.


Some people get addicted to psychic readings, there’s no way around that. Especially with the abundance of free mini psychic readings, it can be easy for people to fall into the trap of expecting things to change after every reading. By all means, use a psychic. If you’re at a crossroads or even just want a bit of fun, they can be great to work with. But if you find yourself stuck without their guidance, it can be worth looking at yourself first and seeing what needs to change there.


Free mini psychic readings offer a great way to get a short and succinct piece of information. Use the free samples people give you. Keep your details to the point. Remember that a short reading does lack depth, but when you ask the right question, you will often get the right answer back. And that could just be the confirmation you need.

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