10 Tips for Completely Free Psychic Readings Success

completely free psychic readingsThe success of a psychic reading is quite dependent on you, the questions you ask and the state of mind you’re in when you get completely free psychic readings. This article has ten of the best tips you should bear in mind when you get your next reading. They will ensure you have a successful and positive experience!

1. Research The Psychic
Before you begin, if it’s possible to research the psychic beforehand you should do it. Look up their website, see if they have any testimonials, generally get some information about them. If you’re getting your reading done via a network, research the network. It’s important to know as much as you can before you get your reading because it will influence the answers you get given and the information you receive. Different psychics have different skills and philosophies.

2. Write A Great Question
The success of completely free psychic readings is really determined by the quality of the questions you ask. Especially if it’s just a mini or otherwise short reading. Take the time to write the question that you want answered before you go ahead and get the reading.

3. Keep Detail To A Minimum
There’s nothing wrong with painting a picture for the psychic. But sometimes it can actually work against you. Remember that the psychic has access to what the Universe is telling them. They don’t need an immense amount of detail to go on. Some people treat psychic readings as a therapy session and there’s quite a big difference! If you want to get stuff off your chest, there are better ways to do it than with a psychic.

4. Calm Yourself
Before you get your reading done you probably want to calm and center yourself. This is easy to do with some meditation before the session, although you can just take some deep breaths for a few minutes if you would prefer. Taking the time to reconnect with the divine and with the calm that’s inside you will pay off big time in the session. The psychic will have far easier access to your energy, you won’t be blocking stuff off from them and you’ll be asking better questions. It’s really worth taking the time to do this!

5. Don’t Be A Close-Minded Skeptic
There are two types of skeptic. One doesn’t believe anything, the other will listen but with a cautious ear. If you want to be skeptical (and you should be), then definitely slot yourself into the second category. Going in to a psychic reading determined to be a close minded skeptic is only going to frustrate whoever’s reading you and make it harder for them to give you clear answers. It’s the equivalent of giving them a book to read that’s been taped shut. Hard core skeptics might have even glued the book shut. By all means, question the psychic. But don’t go so far that you ruin the experience.

6. Take Notes
If the psychic doesn’t provide you with a recording of a session, then you will definitely want to make some of notes along the way. If it’s a verbal conversation you should ask if you can bring a recording device in to the reading. It can just be your smartphone if you like (although make sure it’s set to “Airplane” mode so you don’t get called up in the middle of a discussion. You could just use a pen and paper, but if you record it you won’t miss anything and you’ll be a little more free in the session to talk.

Obviously the advantage of getting an email reading is that everything is typed up already for you. If you get a completely free psychic reading via a chat room or something like that, you might want to take screenshots or otherwise copy out the discussion when it’s over. Make sure you don’t lose anything! It can also be fun to tuck the notes away for later and look at them in a year or so. See if any of the predictions the psychic made came true.

7. Don’t Quiz the Psychic
It’s a waste of time and energy if you spend your session quizzing the psychic on little games. If you’re trying to get access to a passed loved one, and you set up a key phrase with them to repeat (such as “goldfish”) if that key phrase doesn’t come through don’t discount the information you’re still getting. For various reasons it can be challenging to communicate “goldfish” especially if the person who has crossed over is just getting used to the spirit world again.

8. Remember A Psychic Is Not 100% Accurate
One of the biggest mistakes people make with a psychic is that they are 100% right all the time. It’s usually less than that, say around the 80% mark depending on the psychic. This can happen for a variety of reasons, such as incomplete information or interpretation issues. As a result you would be wise to not make any hasty decisions with information you receive from a psychic. It’s also important to tell them if they are heading down the wrong track. The psychic is probably just following the wrong thread and letting them know will help them reconnect with the right one.

9. Reflect On The Reading
If you’re getting a face to face reading try not to schedule anything immediately after it. This will help you give you the space to reflect on the reading and what you got told. You can see if the reading resonated within you, and confirm it for yourself. If you got an email reading, try and settle your mind before you open the email. It can be exciting to see the reading in your inbox, but take the time to slow down before you read it!

10. Develop Your Intuition
Of course the best way of getting completely free psychic readings is to develop your own abilities. Everyone has these skills within them, it’s actually just a case of waking them up. No, it’s not an easy journey and you may need to lean on a psychic every now and again. But learning to trust your intuition about things will be the greatest skill you can learn in the long term.

It will help keep you safe and moving towards a happy and successful life.

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