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Advantages and Disadvantages of Totally Free Psychic Readings by Phone

Free Psychic Reading by PhoneGetting a psychic reading by phone might seem like a bit of a strange thing to be doing. After all, aren’t people who deliver psychic readings needing to be face to face with you? Preferably around a big theatrical crystal ball with the enchanting smell of incense burning away? Ok, maybe that’s the stereotypical image of a psychic. But jokes aside, there are very big differences to totally free psychic readings by phone and readings done face to face. They will change the information you receive, and change the experience you will ultimately enjoy.



When you get a psychic reading face to face you will be entering the domain of the psychic. You will be entering “their turf” as it will. Therefore they can set it up in the best way possible to achieve a good experience for both themselves and their client. The might have nice carpets, or a fancy couch that you sit on. There might be that aforementioned incense burning, or perhaps some relaxing music in the waiting room.


That might all sound a bit unnecessary, but it’s actually designed to put you in a receptive state. It’s designed to let you disconnect from the world, let your mind settle and your energy flow. Therefore a reading might be easier for the psychic because you’re in a calmer space.


Doing it in your own home as you would do over a phone can be more of a challenge. Often you don’t schedule in enough time beforehand to truly get ready for your reading. Perhaps the kids are running around, or maybe you’re checking Facebook before your psychic reading. Because a psychic reading will usually work better the calmer and more relaxed you are, it’s important to take some time before your reading to get to that place. Do it however you want. Meditate, light a candle, go outside, just disconnect from the world for a bit before you call the psychic and you will have a much better experience.


Trickery and Fakery

One of the things which skeptics like to bring out as “proof” that psychic ability is all fake is something called cold reading. This is an incredible way of telling people information about themselves just by learning to be very good at reading facial signs and body language. The cold reader will also get the client to “fill in the details” about particular stories that are being told. For example the cold reader might say “so I get the sense you were planning to move to a cold country” at which point the client might shake their head. The cold reader would respond “oh yes, you don’t like cold climates that’s why you’re moving south”. Or something like that. If you want to see cold reading in action, have a look at Derren Brown’s videos on YouTube.


While cold reading can be done over the phone (and take note of that above sample so you’re aware of how it works), it is a lot harder. This is actually one of the downsides to a face to face meeting. You give away so much of your thoughts via your body language, a skilled cold reader has a lot more information at their disposal than a reading done over the phone. A client wouldn’t even have to say they didn’t like cold climates, a reader could just notice your body language when they mentioned you were moving countries.


Psychic Selection

One of the biggest advantages to getting totally free psychic readings by phone is the amount of selection you have. A lot of the time you will have vastly more choice than if you were just to consult those who lived in your city. Now if you do live in a large city, you probably have quite a large selection already. But if you’re reading this, then you live in the biggest intercontinental city on the planet—access to anyone with a phone connection. This means you can call psychics living in Britain, Australia, Japan, all the states of the USA, France, Austria, Poland and more. So you actually can get a hold of the best psychics around! There’s also no travel cost. So all in all, talking to a psychic via the phone can actually be quite convenient.


Quality of Information

A real psychic doesn’t need you to be in the same room as them in order to provide you with accurate information. This is actually quite an impressive skill, as it involves distance reading. A psychic can still tune into your energies even though you may be physically hundreds, or even thousands of miles away from each other.


A phone psychic might require a few basic details about yourself, such as when you were born and where you live. This is simply to ensure that the psychic is asking about the right person. It’s likely that there thousands of people with your name out there, so it’s important that the psychic gets the right one. No need to be learning about the troubled love life of someone who lives on the opposite side of the world to yours.


The biggest threat to the quality of information of receive is still the quality of the psychic. There are scammers out there that will quite happily cold read you and charge you an extravagant amount for the privilege. It doesn’t matter if you get a reading face to face or over the phone, if the psychic is dodgy than there’s nothing much you can do. If you can, try to research the psychic before getting a reading, or if you’re getting totally free psychic readings by phone maybe just go with the flow and see where it takes you!


Overall, there’s not too much of a difference to getting a psychic reading over the phone or in person. In some ways, getting a reading over the phone will help prevent people from cold reading you, which while impressive in a magic show isn’t genuine psychic ability and could set you off on a path that you really shouldn’t be on. Just make sure that before you begin you take the time to relax, meditate and set the atmosphere as you don’t have the psychic doing that for you. Enjoy your physic reading regardless of whether you get it done face to face or over the phone.


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