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Steps for Successful Psychic Medium Readings

successful psychic medium readingsPeople visit psychics for a variety of reasons. They go to learn more about their future, their past, why they behave the way they do, to learn about health complaints, get information on relationships are in or might want to have. A psychic can answer all these questions and more.  A special type of reading however creates successful  psychic medium readings, where the psychic acts as a bridge between you and the world of the spirit. This allows people who have passed away to talk to those living on Earth. Psychic medium readings are typically powerful experiences. You can ask those burning questions you never got to ask, say things you didn’t get to say, or simply reassure yourself that’s there’s life beyond this world. To have a successful medium experience it’s important that you follow a few simple steps before you meet with the psychic. This applies regardless of the setting you’re meeting the psychic. It doesn’t matter if you’re having a session one on one, over the phone, over the internet or even in the middle of a psychic stage performance. The following tips have been tried over years of experiences to ensure that you get the most successful psychic medium readings possible. 1. Relax and Open Yourself The first thing to do before you get the reading is to open yourself to the possibility of spiritual contact. Imagine your energy as a flow of water and stress as a dam. By stressing yourself up with too much thinking and too much, well, too much stress, you will inevitably close yourself down and make it harder for the spirits to get in touch with you. It will make it more difficult for your questions to be pure in intention. If you know how to meditate, meditate for a bit.

Simply spending a few minutes with your eyes closed listening to the sound of your breathing will go a long way to ensuring a successful reading. You can also work your way through your body systematically relaxing each of your muscles if you want to. Do some gentle stretching if you have to. As you begin to relax and feel calmer, you will begin to notice your energy flowing better. 2. Ask The Spirit One of the misconceptions that people have about psychic medium readings is the idea that it’s the medium’s job to do all the work. Not true! While they will be doing the heavy lifting, you can definitely help the process. Before your reading, ask the spirit you want to contact if it would be willing to talk to you via the medium. There’s no need to overthink this process. A simple, well directed thought that cuts through will usually be enough. Trust that the Universe knows what you’re asking. 3. Don’t Feed the Medium When you’re actually having the psychic reading it can be very tempting to blurt things out to the medium. The psychic will say something and you’ll “fill in the gaps” as it were. As a result you’ll never get the evidence that will confirm to you you’re actually speaking to a passed loved one. This is also a good way of working out if your psychic actually has the correct connection. It can be difficult to stop our minds racing away on us with excitement.

If you can slow that excitement down and let the psychic do the work you will have a better experience and you’ll get the solid evidence your mind craves. The other danger to blurting things out is that it can make spirits distrustful of you. Don’t you find it annoying when people in conversations keep trying to fill in the gaps and steer the conversation? Well imagine that you’re a spirit trying to communicate something via a stranger and you’re not familiar with the language. Wouldn’t you rather the person you’re talking to just be quiet for a bit so you can say what you want to say? 4. If You Don’t Understand, Say So Now this might seem like contrary advice to what we were talking about above, but it actually isn’t. What’s important when you get psychic medium readings is that you don’t lead the psychic down a path. You can do this when you don’t say anything either. Sometime’s it’s very tempting just to sit there nodding your head when actually you don’t quite understand something that the medium is talking about. It’s only natural if you’re a polite person. If that’s the case it’s perfectly alright to ask for clarification. The medium will ask for more information from the spirit and hopefully that additional detail will spark your memory or help you to make the connection. 5. Your Medium Won’t Be Perfect Some people go into a reading expecting that everything the psychic says will be Truth, with a capital T. If you believe that, you’re likely to believe information that isn’t going to be totally accurate. Likewise if the psychic gets one tiny thing wrong in your reading it doesn’t discredit the rest of the information you received. Your psychic medium isn’t perfect. Remember what they’re doing here. They have to connect with a spirit with whatever technique they use, ask questions, get answers back (often in non verbal form) and then interpret that for their client. We don’t know about you but we can spot a few places in that chain where things might go wrong. So don’t expect your medium to be perfect and you’ll have a far happier reading.

Psychic medium readings are great ways to get in touch with those who have passed on. Before your reading, make sure that you relax and open your mind. Let your energy flow and you will find your reading is easier and more enjoyable than if you close things off. Make sure you don’t feed the medium but at the same time don’t say you understand stuff when you actually don’t. Ask the spirit on your own. A simple clear thought before the reading to ask for contact will help speed the initial process of connection. Finally, remember that your medium will not be perfect, as they are a human too.

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