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100% tested psychicsPsychic and spiritual advice is everywhere these days. You can learn about the way your guides work and the way you can influence your own life from a number of sources and the internet has only made this more convenient. Talking one on one with a qualified psychic is still something that you can’t get out of just an internet article.

A true psychic can read your energy and deliver personal information that’s relevant to your situation. Thankfully you don’t need to look for such a service. A psychic reading online with no credit card required from 100% tested psychics is available for whoever wants it. Here are a few reasons why you should only be considering tested psychics. Unfortunately the psychic business hasn’t had a great reputation over the years. This is often attributed to the amount of frauds that are in the industry. This is a big reason for this reputation (although it isn’t the only one). It makes it easy for the skeptics and the doubters to attack any credible sources within the psychic community because of these frauds that operate on the sidelines.

Of course the biggest advantage to having a 100% tested psychic is that you know they have already been through the process required to get them attributed and accredited. While anyone could call themselves “a psychic” someone would need to possess at some measure of skill to get through these processes. These processes are typically set by the company or organization that’s managing the psychic. One of the other reasons that the psychic industry can sometimes take a hammering is actually due to a lack of understanding about the nature of the work that they conduct. The very nature of being psychic means that sometimes things aren’t clear and they aren’t easily interpreted.

It’s practically impossible to give a clear indication about the future however people ask for that sort of information anyway. As a result people can sometimes feel disillusioned with the results of their psychic. The easiest way to avoid this type of feeling is simply to avoid asking specific questions about the future. If you do, take the predictions with a grain of salt. A great place to get a tested psychic reading done online, with no card required is the Oranum Psychic Network. This is a psychic service that’s been around for a few years now and has quickly become the top place on the internet to get psychic readings. Unlike many other services online you don’t need a credit card to get started, in fact you don’t even need to set up a username and password. You can get started right now, for free and with no commitment to anything.

There are plenty of psychics on the network although usually there’s around twenty or so online at any moment in time. Each of them have gone though Oranum’s extensive profiling and testing program. Therefore you can be assured that each psychic on the network has had to prove themselves before they’re allowed to start working. In addition to the testing process, clients are required to leave star ratings and provide testimonials about the quality of a reading. This makes it really easy to see which psychics are performing and giving the results that people are after. This offers a powerful and compelling way to make sure that each psychic is continuing to provide a good service. In some ways, psychics are being tested each and every time they give a reading. If there were frauds or psychics that didn’t know what they were doing, their ratings and testimonials would very quickly reflect that. As a result you can assured that the psychic is as accurate as they can be. Each of the psychics on Oranum have their own psychic hang out chat rooms which you can enter completely free of charge. As mentioned above, you don’t even need a credit card to get started, although you will be asked to make an account.

A proper username is a little nicer than “guest281” which is what you will be known as until you make a free account. These aren’t just text chat rooms either, although this is how you will interact with the psychic to begin with. The psychic themselves will be visible via a live video feed and this will usually include sound. You can talk and interact with the psychic as much as you like for free. If you want more of an in-depth reading, turn up on the website every half an hour. At this point, one of the psychics will give a demo reading to one of the people in the chat room. This can be a valuable way of getting psychic advice that’s specific to your situation for no charge. Please be aware that you will need an account set up at this point if you want to participate in the demo readings. Oranum hasn’t just made a name for itself with the quality of its psychics. It’s just a well put together website that connects people from around the world.

It’s trying to be a kind of spiritual hub and so there’s far more than just the psychic chat rooms. You can also get your astrology readings and connect with other spiritual people via the service. It’s kind of like Facebook, but dedicated to all things spiritual. Go and have a look around the site and you’ll see what we mean. It can be hard sometimes to know what you’re getting into with a psychic. It’s really important that you choose a psychic that has been tested, both by an authority and by the clients that use their services. If you don’t want to use a credit card or don’t have one, have a look at what Oranum can offer. It’s great for a psychic reading online with no credit card required from 100% tested psychics. There’s no card required for a sign up and you don’t even need an email address to get started. You can be assured that the psychics are of the highest quality and that they have all been through the internal testing procedure before they get to the chat rooms.

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