How To Strengthen Psychic Abilities

Psychic AbilitiesWhen it comes to psychic abilities it can be a wonderful experience trying to strengthen the psychic abilities that everyone has. Everyone has psychic abilities whether they know it or not. Sometimes an individual is more inept to their skills but in others it seems to be hidden more. When finding different ways on how to strengthen psychic abilities playing psychic games can be one part of the fun of strengthening an individual’s ability.



 Psychic Abilities And How To Play The Game



One game which is commonly used to strengthen psychic abilities is the card game. In order to play this game an individual would need to have a simple deck of playing cards. This is a simple game but some of the others below can get to be more difficult. When using this psychic game to strengthen psychic abilities an individual would want to use their gifts to guess whether the card will be red or black. Shuffling is highly suggested. When using this do not just guess but sit and relax until the answer comes to the individual. This can include seeing what the card is, hearing what the card is, or even having an intuition.  Never just guess sit and wait until the answer comes to you.


Another game that an individual can use to help strengthen their psychic abilities includes playing Beach Ball. This would work good for a psychic who wants to strengthen their psi balls. With the games an individual would want to get together with another psychic who wants to strengthen their abilities as well. With this game an individual would want to create a psi ball that is fairly large. Once it is created play volleyball with it. Volley the psi ball over to your friend, make sure to visualize and make movements. Try to keep going back and forth with it. If it goes in the general direction that you want it to go in then congratulations. This can become a very fun game.



Another cute game to play includes Guess the Fruit. This game is fairly simple but it can be fun to play depending on the occasion. In order to play Guess the Fruit an individual would need to choose the sender. This would be the person coming up with the image and projecting it out. The sender would need to come up with a fruit or vegetable and imagine it clearly in their mind. Once they have pictured it clearly they would want to send it out, or broadcast it, to all the other individuals playing the game. Another suggestion when doing this other than sending out the shape and color is to send out the flavor, or how it tastes, along with all of the other information. By using psychic gifts to figure it out can be a fun way to strengthen psychic abilities.


The next game that is fairly easy to play as well is called Which way. When playing this game an individual would want to try to predict what the car in front of them is going to do next. Will they keep going straight, where are they going to turn, are they going left, or are they going right. This can be a fun game when concentrating and using psychic skills. Looking for visual cues is cheating with this game so try not to do that.


 Strengthen Your Psychic Abilities


When it comes to strengthening psychic skills it takes more than just psychic games in order to strengthen an individual’s psychic abilities. One good thing is to ground. This way it lets go of all the bad things and allows for the individual to soak up better energy. Relaxing and concentrating on an individual’s psychic abilities is a must. There are many different things that need to be done on a daily basis before psychic skills can really have much of an influence.


 Your Skills Will Enhance Your Psychic Abilities


Having psychic abilities can make anyone feel like they are better than others.  A key skill in this society and any society all around the world is to love everyone the same and not to feel as if you are superior to someone else. This can lead to bad energy taking over your body and weaken your psychic abilities. By using some of the above psychic games an individual would learn how to strengthen psychic abilities the best that they can. 

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