Free Psychic Question

free physic questionIs it just me or does anybody else think that sometimes we need a little help to figure out our lives? Perhaps a psychic (no matter how silly that may sound to some)? Well, you’d actually be surprised at how many people you know use psychic services, whether via telephone or now online. Even many of your friends or relatives (who would not admit that in the public). Maybe someone in your nearest family as well. 

What Kind of Question Should You Ask?

You get one free psychic question and that can be anything from “When will I find the love of my life?” to “Should I wear loafers or moccasins tomorrow?” Okay, that second one is probably a bit silly, but you get the gist of it. You really can pose any kind of question to the psychic on the other end of the phone line or sitting behind a computer. But don’t get carried away with this question, even if it’s for free (hey, who doesn’t love free stuff!). Think of it as a test question for the psychic. By answering the question you gave him, the psychic really “proves his skills” before he can start charging you for his “unique” services.

Yes, you only get one free question to ask, after that, the “meter starts ticking”, so make it count. Thanks to this, the client can see if he should continue working with him (asking more questions) or not. So this is a very good way to see if you have a good “connection” with the reader and if he should continue with it. If he finds out from the first question that the reader is just making things up and that the readings aren’t accurate, he’ll soon learn to regret the decision to trust him. Of course, it’s hard to be certain with just one free psychic Q, but it will give you, as the client the opportunity to “read” the reader and see if you can connect with the person on the other side.

The free question isn’t only for the client, but it helps the psychic as well. For him, it gives him a lower financial fear threshold and may also draw many more calls. People are a lot more likely to use any service if they know that it comes for free, at least the first time. Of course, once they ask the first question, most people stay on the line.

Now, what to ask, what to ask? Well, for one, don’t go for anything too specific. The free question you get probably shouldn’t be about when will your second born son marry, where and for whom. Don’t be in a rush to get the question that bothers you the most answered. And, above all DON’T BE CONFORNTATIONAL. No one likes that. Just ask the question and if you don’t like the answer, move on, buddy.


Ask the psychic to tell you what they feel about you. They don’t have to be very specific, the general stuff will do. Most do that in any case. However, what you shouldn’t do (and this is often a “trap” that many psychics leave to their costumers) is to reveal much about yourself. There’s really no point in asking the psychic questions if he already knows everything about you. Make the reader tell you something that really resonates with who you are. He’s the one that should do most of the talking and you need to be the one who listens (although psychics are notorious for learning all kinds of things from just a few minutes of conversation with the other person).


You’ll often find readers where you will know from the start that, the other person on the line is just not getting you, or “you don’t click”, so to speak. It doesn’t matter if you are doing the reading on the phone, online, person-to-person or by some other means. On the other hand, you’ll also find many after which you’ll be: “He got everything right, he’s the real deal!”, when the psychic gives you specific facts and circumstances that he couldn’t have possibly guessed or knew about in advance.


Some Don’ts of a Free Psychic Question

In general, there are some questions that there is really no point asking the reader, whatever way he is doing the reading. A lot of times, readers will avoid answering legal related questions. That means, don’t ask him if you should invest $250,000 in your new business or to help you with your stocks. That’s for your financial experts and brokers to know, not the psychic.

Another type of free psychic question that you should absolutely avoid asking is about your health or the health of someone you know. Psychics also don’t like it when you ask them if you’re cancer will be cured or anything like it and will avoid this type of question.

Finally, you need to understand that this question should be aimed at you and your life. Asking about someone else and their life is just not something that a psychic can answer with a lot of certainty, so limit your questions to yourself knowing this.

When Will You Need a Free Question?

There can be a lot of times when you will need to prompt a psychic question, but the best times when you will need the help of a psychic are:

1. When you’re changing your current job and are uncertain about your financial future (“Will I find a job soon?” “Will it be better or worse payed than the previous?”)

2. When you don’t know if you should stay in a relationship with someone or not. (“Does she still love me?” “Has he found another while I was out of town?”)

3. When going into a new business (“Will I succeed at it?” Will it bring me enough money to be able to live a normal life?”)

4. When you want to find a true love (“Where will I find my true love?” “Is the person I’m dating right now my true love or not?”

Some Tips (For the Next Time You Want to Ask the Reader Something)

While many people think that the free psychic question is a joke and may call just to ask something silly, like “What’s better, apples or oranges?” The question needs to answer something that will have a long-term meaning on your life. Questions about your career, future business, relationships, those are the best. Medical and legal questions, not really.

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