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Psychic AnswersMost people think that they can’t learn about free psychic advice from online resources. They believe that online psychics are charlatans, so they set up a barrier for themselves and lose the ability to learn things they probably didn’t know. 

Being a little bit open-minded is something that can lead you to having the best days of your life, or perhaps avoiding the worst in your life. You need to be prepared for the unknown to save yourself from stress and anxiety. If you’d like to learn about psychic abilities, here’s detailed information about the niche.

What is psychic?
A psychic is someone who is sensitive to energies around them. They can detect, interpret or even work with invisible energies around them without using the 5 usual senses of human beings. Energetic emanations come from inanimate objects such as locations, people, animals etc. Psychic people can possess all or one of the abilities listed below.

(a) Clairvoyance
This is the ability to see outside the ordinary visual capabilities. This is the type of vision that occurs in the mind eye. An individual with this sense can see spiritual beings, energy fields, auras, objects and other things that are not visible to people without this ability.

Others can even see across time and ahead of future. Clairvoyance is somewhat interesting yet full of conflicting information. It is the most sort after ability in the psychic world. Those who don’t have it crave for it, and those who have it seem not to be bothered by this unique gift.

(b) Clairaudience
This is the type of hearing that occurs outside the hearing range of a normal human being. This type of hearing often occurs in the mind. There are even well-trained Clairaudient people who can hear voices of spirits with their physical ears, identify accents and gender of the speaker, plus interprate the language being spoken without necessarily understanding that language.

(c) Clairsentience
Clairsentience is the ability to have knowledge obtained using the usual 5 senses. They obtain knowledge without effort or intention. Clairsentience is the most common psychic ability, and people will demonstrate it to some degree in their lifetime. Examples include knowing when the phone will ring when it finally does, having the urge to escape danger just at the right time etc.

Clairsentience can be obtained from any of the psychic senses, though the most common sources of Clairsentience information is ”feeling”. In fact, the Clairsentient person will not identify how the information came to them.

(d) Clairolfaction
Psychic smelling is considered rare in all the psychic abilities. These people will detect odors in mysterious ways. They could smell someone’s favorite perfume even if they are not wearing it. It is said that psychic smelling can be overpowering that sometimes it cause physical cause pain to the person with that ability.

(e) Clairgustation
The ability to clearly taste is another form of less common psychic ability. It is the ability to physically sense the taste of that substance without necessarily having it in the mouth. It manifests in a way that surprises the person i.e a sudden surge of the overwhelming flavor of a very distinct food. It’s the least desired among all the psychic abilities.

Prophesies and predictions
People who prophesy can be referred to as Psychics. They have the ability to see the future. However, most of them are usually uncomfortable making prophesies and will often refuse to do so. It’s something that varies based on the gift of the individual and their level of training and comfort.

It is important that people understand that prophesies are never guaranteed to come to pass. That’s because anything that can be seen ahead of time can change. The freewill of the person being prophesied upon is based on their power. The choice they make for example, can alter the end results.

An experienced psychic will let you know that their predictions are just the most likely outcome and there is absolutely no guarantee that they’ll come to pass, why? Because they read based on the current energies around them.

Here’s how to develop your psychic abilities
It’s often said that everybody has some form of psychic ability. It’s only that those abilities need to be awaken to start working, or else they will lie dormant. Here’s how to get started:

1 Meditation
Meditation is being in tune to your spirit. It’s about listening to your inner self which is closely tied to your psychic abilities. Meditation increases your psychic contact with the outside universe. So if practiced frequently, you will realize that you’re growing more intimate with your psychic abilities.

2 Take psychic classes
You can learn psychic abilities when you attend classes taught by professionals. They even let you learn at home at a pace you are comfortable with. Trainings may include no smoking or taking alcohol. Actually, these things have been shown to impair your psychic abilities.

3 Trust
You need to trust your psychic perceptions such that you boldly state them. Trusting is very important because it plays a key role in manifesting your perception into the physical world.

4 Track your progress

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