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What to Expect in Free Psychic Medium Readings

free psychic mediumGetting in touch with loved ones who have passed away is something many of us long to do. We want to talk to those who are no longer with us, to know they’re ok and perhaps to reassure ourselves that death is not the final chapter. Free psychic medium readings can be a way of getting in touch with these spirits. This article will give you some information about using a psychic medium to talk to the spirit world and to ensure that you have a positive and empowering experience.

What Does A Psychic Medium Do?
You might be confused about what a medium actually does. After all, there are many different types of psychics and if you check out some of the services online you’ll know that the list can seem pretty endless! A medium is the type of psychic that you need to talk to if you want to get in touch with the spirit world, and particularly with people who have passed away. You will need to see an intuitive or other form of psychic if you’re after information from your guides.

A psychic medium is kind of a bridge between our world, the world of physical reality and the world of the spirit. This is the world of pure potential and is where our souls go when we die as humans. So a medium is a kind of bridge, yes? Actually the best way we’ve heard a medium described is like a telephone with no dial. Unfortunately there’s no way to just “call up” a spirit. The psychic medium is like a radio that will slowly be tuned into the correct station when they ask the right questions.

How Do Psychic Mediums Receive Information?
This is quite a personal question and will depend on the psychic. It may also depend on the spirit as well, and their preference for communicating. Sometimes the medium will see little pictures flashing in a corner of their mind. These pictures are often like a little movie or perhaps more like a dream sequence. The medium will interpret these scenes and pass them on to you.

Other psychics will receive information verbally, as if someone is speaking into their ear. Sometimes the information will come as a feeling or as a presence.

Interpreting that Information
Obviously the real skill that a psychic needs is the ability to interpret that information and pass it on to the client. This is sometimes where things can go wrong, or get “lost in translation”. The clarity of the answers will depend on the skill of the psychic, but usually it will depend on the strength of the connection. Some spirits will have a much stronger presence and therefore the information will be clearer.

The connection will also depend on how you’re feeling. If you ever go to a medium reading in public this will also include all the people around you watching. The connection can be weaker or stronger depending on how relaxed you feel. It also depends on how skeptical you’re feeling on that day. There’s nothing wrong with being skeptical, but just remember that you’re likely to be shutting down your light and only making it harder for the psychic medium to talk to the people you want to hear from.

Keep Your Answers Short
There’s nothing wrong with clarifying a psychic’s answer if it’s confusing. But it’s so essential that you don’t lead the medium on with your conversation. It can be tempting if you get a scrap of information to make it “fit” with the storyline in your head. Thing is though, you want confirmation you’re genuinely talking to a spirit beyond the shadow of a doubt. Leading the psychic may increase the doubt in your mind and might even send the medium down the wrong thread. Let the spirit do the talking.

The other thing to watch out for especially with some free psychic medium readings services is something called cold reading. This is a very clever stage trick that lets people appear to know what they’re talking about when the client is actually filling in all the details.

For example, the medium might say “I’m getting someone with a limp”, and you might say “yes, that was my grandfather”. The psychic might then respond “he’s talking about a little furry animal?” and from here you could either talk about his dog, your cat, the cat he had when your parents were little, your parent’s pet and so on. You get the idea. The “psychic” provides a general framework and you fill in the details. Knowing how this cold reading works will ensure that you know you’re talking to a genuine psychic. Another red flag could be if you ask general questions and the psychic gets defensive.

Answers Are Often Disjointed
One of the things you should be aware of when getting a psychic medium reading is that sometimes the information can be quite disjointed and sometimes feel random. Sometimes spirits will have difficulty expressing themselves to your medium. That’s ok, be prepared for a little stumbling at first. Things will usually become clearer as the reading progresses.

Don’t Consult When Grieving Heavily
If you want to talk to a spirit that has recently departed you might not get the best results. Tearing up too easily isn’t going to make the reading any easier. If you’re unable to speak about your loved one without becoming overly emotional then it’s possibly too soon to get a reading. We’re not saying you have to be an emotional robot, you’re going to feel something when the medium connects! But overly emotional isn’t a good place to be. A psychic is not a therapist.

Free psychic medium readings are a great way to communicate with your departed loved ones. When you’re in a good space and there’s been a bit of time between now and their passing, it can be a good way to get some answers and communicate to your loved ones. Now that this article has cleared up some of the stuff around psychic mediums and what they do, go out and get a reading. There are several places online that can help you immediately.

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