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Where Can I Find Genuine Psychic Readings

genuine psychic readingsWelcome to the mysterious world of psychic readings. Some of you will be sceptical at first, many of you may even wonder, do humans really possess the innate psychic ability to perform genuine psychic readings. Let me be your guide and enlighten you to how real psychic readings can be, and how to differentiate from the fakes.

How to tell genuine psychic readers from fakes?

First of all, we need to differentiate between real psychic readers and psychic readers who are probably just in it for the money i.e. fake or as some people call it business psychic readers. One way to a better understanding is that real psychic readers can perform cold readings, which are very different compared to business psychic readers, which performs something closer to warm reading.

Let me illustrate this further, a cold reading is when a psychic gives you information either about your past, your present or your future without gathering any information or asking you information about your past about relatives or anything of that sort whatsoever. Warm reading is when a business psychic would slowly gather the information out from you by asking closely seemingly unrelated questions, but have a natural correlation to the psychic’s prediction.


Another ability of psychics is to act as a medium, be it to respond to relationships with those who have passed on, which is usually in a spiritual manner. It is slightly tougher to differentiate between genuine and fake mediums, but let me enlighten you on a few giveaways.

A genuine medium often has a very different personality when they are channeling themselves through a trance. This dual personality is very obvious and the medium will often converse with the other beings instead of just direct communication with the client. You can see this by the fact that the medium will not maintain 100% eye contact with you while he is channeling the trance.

No Rituals Required

Another giveaway is that if the medium or psychic reader informs you that they have to perform a ritual or some kind of ceremony before conducting a psychic reading, this is most likely fake. Psychic readers do not need to rely on rituals or any form of ceremony whatsoever.

Do Not Be Afraid To Question Your Psychic

While choosing your psychic reader you may weed out the fake from the real by questioning them about how they gained the psychic abilities. If the psychic reader tells you that they have acquired the ability only by inheritance and without any training, it is most likely fake. Psychic abilities need to be developed and refined over a period of time and it’s not something which is gained overnight.

Take note as well to the questions that you are  asked by a psychic reader. A genuine psychic reader will not give you generic or “yes or no” answers, but give you in depth detailed answers to your questions. This most likely includes facts and information that neither you nor the psychic was aware about until he has met you.

Be Honest

One way to get a better reading from a psychic is to be honest and not try and maintain a skeptical attitude towards them. This often leads to a better connection between the client and the psychic, and often yields a more genuine reading.

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